Wednesday, 2 August 2017

Describe a Setting or a place

Describing Rotorua

This week in Room 2 we are learning to describe a setting with sight, smell feel, sound, observation and more and also use different starters to make our writing interesting.

Rotorua is the most beautiful place to go snorkeling, the water is crystal clear like a piece of shiny glass.

The sight of Rotorua is beautiful because it has a glorious view of the blue water and boats sailing across the water.

The smell of the disgusting mud pools reaches my nose as go to look at it, it smells like an expired egg.

The sand and the water feels like glorious heaven, clear blue water and soft golden sand reaches my feet as I sink in.

The sound reminds me of the beautiful chirping birds flying across the glorious blue sky.

In Rotorua I saw people snorkeling in the water, relaxing on the beach and having fun in the water.

In all Rotorua is a glorious place, the water is clear blue, the sand is soft and it is a beautiful place.

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  1. Well done Nihar! I like the way you used many similes. Maybe next time you should try some different adjectives?