Tuesday, 12 December 2017

Our Story / Nihar

Year 5 to Year 6 Letter

To Year 5 who are becoming Year 6s As I depart from H.D.S I would say that we got a lot of opportunities for jobs like road patrol, house captains and becoming a school councillor. My highlights of year 6 was the Rainbows End trip and Camp. The teachers you’ll have is either Mr Tomokino, Mrs Richardson, Miss Mistry and another new teacher that we don’t know yet. People who really like rugby should hope and be in Mr Tomokino class because if you work well, you’ll get to play rugby. The one thing you should always remember is to respect all teachers. Respect others and treat people the way you want to be treated. Another thing is that if you are away or on holiday you really have to catch up on your work, otherwise you’ll be left behind. The most important thing is that you should always be a role model to the younger students. If you do something silly then the younger students will copy you. Make wise choices. Some things that you don’t get to do in Year 5 is Camp which is a very amazing experience without your parents. Rainbows End is a rewards trip which means if you don’t behave well in or out of class, you may not get to go. Remember to forgive to other students so everyone can get along. When you get a reliever, respect them just like your own teacher. Make wise choices with whatever you are doing. Always try your best in whatever you do, eg; writing. The last tip is to be honest with your teachers, never lie. One more thing is to always, and I mean always listen to your teacher.

Monday, 27 November 2017

Jungle Colour Poem

Refreshing water rushing down onto the slippery, soaking, wet rocks.  A crocodile lying on the flat surface waiting to eat its next prey.  Moss and Algae sitting on top of the rocks and tree,  and getting ready to grow.  Frogs leaping onto lily pads, and insects like ants and beetles crawling onto the dirty, brown rocks.  Monkeys swinging on the vines going crazy.  Snakes slithering across the wet, muddy ground.  The trees are tall and strong like a giraffe.  Water streams slowly as it hits its finishing point.   = Recrafted

Wednesday, 22 November 2017

Possum Problem

Possum Problem

During the day possums stay in their dens and are nocturnal which means they are active at night. Possums devour the fruits and flowers that native animals eat.  These include rata and kamahi trees that die because of possums.

People use a variety of methods like shooting, trapping and hunting to get possums.  These days many groups such as regular councils, send hunters to kill possums.  People use a variety of methods like shooting, trapping and hunting.

These days many groups such as regular councils send hunters to kill possums.  Hunters and farmers kill down possums too.

The first ship ship of possums arrived in 1837.  People also used to sell silky possum fur.  The only people that can hunt down possums are the people which have a trapping license.  Back in Australia possums had a hard time because they had predators hunting them down.  

  • A baby possum and kangaroo is called a Joey.
  • The prime minister told hunters and farmers to stop killing possums.
  • There are 30 million possums in NZ.
  • A female possum have birth to about 1 possum baby a year, but some years they have 2 babies a year.
  • In Australia summer fires in separate anything in their way, even possums.
  • In 1960 a another possum problem happened .
  • It costed millions of dollars for farmers until hunters came along to kill possums.